This picture was taken on Mother’s Day 2015, in the waiting room outside of St. Mary’s NICU, where my twins were born. 
From left to right, my Aunt Olga, Uncle Mike, my Mom, Myself, My Dad, and my brother Nick.

Yes, for those who have been following me, that is my brother that passed away December 5 2015.

I remember this day very well. It was a surprise for my father, his sister showing up at the Hospital. This day was also the first time my dad was meeting his very first 2 grandchildren. My Aunt and Uncle were on the West Coast of Florida visiting (I live on the East Coast) and they wanted to come see the girls. We also thought it would be neat to surprise my dad. And boy, was he! He cried a little bit. It was a very sweet and awesome moment. I loved that day. My Aunt had a one-on-one conversation with every one of us. She gave me a gold necklace with a pendant/charm that said “Mom” with a Ruby gem. It’s beautiful.

My Aunt got to hold Raven. She was enthralled. Amazed. Hypnotized. 

To this day, my little Warrior Princesses never seize to amaze and shock. When I tell strangers their story, their mouths always drop. It’s kinda like having celebrities as children, LMAO.

This photo took FOREVER to upload, so I hope you guys enjoy it and this post! 

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