Today was a day we ALL dreaded every single day this year. Although, I have nothing bad to say about today. Yes, it was a day of remembrance for all of us who loved Nick (my brother). I really think we all handled it very well. 

I got another tattoo for him. It’s 2 Hockey sticks that connect into a heart. Nick played Hockey for a very long time, and loved it so much. I also put his initials inside of the heart.

My friends Christine, Nikole, and Mariah (Nick’s girlfriend) came with me, and so did my beautiful girls. Nikole also got a tattoo for Nick. Hers was in Ukrainian.

His dates are in Roman Numerals and in Ukrainian it says “Rest with the Angels”, I believe. 

We had a great time together at the tattoo shop. My friend Grant did both of our tattoos. This is the 4th tattoo that he has done for me. My brother was covered (had 2 full sleeves) mainly by Grant, as well. They were great friends. Grant is also a fantastic tattoo artist. He has done, aside from this one, a pirate skull on my left arm and 2 Memorials on my upper back (My brother on my right shoulder and my biological father in the center). 

I bought everyone at the shop McDonald’s for dinner, and then all of us girls went to Jensen Beach to our regular spot for a bonfire to relax. It was very nice and the sky was just beautiful and the stars were clear. I wanted to leave a homemade cross there, but it would’ve been taken down. So I have to figure out something else to do with it. Find somewhere to put it where it will be safe and respected.

Nicholas Robert Stadnyk, you were the best baby brother I could ever have, and the best Uncle & Godfather my two precious baby girls could ever have. You were loved beyond words. So many people love and care about you. I hope you knew that. I know that depression was a battle you struggled with, alongside addiction. I know firsthand just how difficult that can be. I’m glad that you aren’t suffering anymore. You are finally at peace! Today, baby brother, with be a celebration of your life-forever. I will make sure it is always filled with laughter and happy memories of you.