I went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom this weekend with my family. I am exhausted LOL It felt very long at the time, but now it feels like it flew by so fast it almost didn’t happen. Lol.

But my girls and everyone else had a blast! I had fun too, excluding the stupid arguments and the horrendous amount of pain I was in. 

We arrived Friday at the All Star Movies Resort. After checking in we ate and got situated in our rooms. Saturday was the big day of going to the park. My grandparents pay for the entire trip every single year, so they are “in charge”; Therefore, they are in charge of our “Agenda“. 

We went on the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin ride first, which is awesome! If you’ve never been on that ride, it has laser guns attached to the lap bar plus a joystick that makes you spin! And everything is black and neon colors. That ride was definitely fun!

Then we went on It’s A Small World 🌎 and I was lucky enough to record our journey through the ride. I have to upload it to YouTube because it’s 10 minutes long, so check back shortly for the updated post.

The last ride we went on was Pirates of the Caribbean which was really cool. I’m obsessed with pirates and all things related! 

We went to eat lunch after this ride, and then I got to window shop for a few minutes before returning to our room. I just couldn’t go on any longer. My hips and thighs and feet and back were all on fire. I wished for a wheelchair. 

The following day, Sunday, I made sure to get caricatures done of the girls. They are so cute. Robert was the name of the artist. He deserves credit. I can’t get over how well he draws eyes. They are just beautiful. 

I also got them one of those pressed pennies with a Winnie the Pooh on it as a keepsake. Before we got the pictures done I also took the girls into the gift shop to pick out a toy each. Aurora was easy; she chose a pretty Pink Minnie Mouse. Raven took a while to find one she liked. She finally saw a baby Elsa stuffed toy. Then I saw some really cute hairties that I just couldn’t pass up. Overall I spent about $120. Oh, and my birth mom, who the girls call Kiki, bought them each a bouncy ball with a Disney character and glitter inside. So they have a nice Disney collection started. That’s not including the stuff I bought them last year.

So yes, it was a good trip. I overreacted at one point but we all got through it and had a great time together.