So this post is just for fun because I’m drinking. LOL.

So there will be a lot of different topics I will probably talk about on here.


I’m a wine drinker because I am a mom so I can not longer be trusted with hard liquor. And beer just makes me bloated and I don’t like that. Wine gets the job done pretty quickly, in my opinion. {Pink Moscato is my fav}

Well, seeing as I only have like 6 followers, if you stumble upon this page on happenstance then you will have no idea what I’m talking about. So I’ll make a little, short prologue for ya!

Yesterday was 11 months since my brother passed away.He was only 25 years old. He died from a drug overdose. Something he took was laced with Fentynal. Who would’ve known, right?

But, here’s a little twist for you….

That day, December 5 2015, I had asked him to get me 2 of a certain medication [non narcotic (I know that doesn’t make it any better)]  and I would give him 1 for the hassle of getting them for me.

Guess which one he got?

Guess which one I got?