People don’t understand my point of view.

They can spend their whole lives giving me opinions and advice until they’re blue in the face, but none of it ever helps. It’s literally not as simple as you think.

Everyone deals and copes and grieves differently.

People with mental health issues, like myself, have sometimes odd ways of dealing with grief. If not odd, then unhealthy. And I don’t mean odd as in “dumb or crazy”. They are just different from the “norm”. 

I have a lot of guilt, and that will probably haunt me forever. I have it set in my mind that that is the reason he won’t visit me. In a month it will be a year since his passing, and I still have not been visited by him. Many of my friends and his friends have, though. Even some of our family have experienced signs of him around. It bugs me so much that he won’t visit me. I wish I knew the reason why because I would do anything to make it happen…