​I grew up in a family where I didn’t have to deal with my parents getting divorced and then finding other partners and such. I was one of the “lucky” ones, people would say. But they didn’t know how bad of an angry alcoholic my father was, or that my mom worked so much we barely saw her. They did fight a lot. And my brother got the short end of the stick…

I see couples all the time who aren’t married, staying with each other (unhappily) for the sake of their children.

Do you know how dangerous that is?!

When I see couples who aren’t even married yet fighting and going through domestic abuse, what are you going to say to your children later on? They’re going to think that type of behavior is okay.

Not only does that contribute to mental health issues (mine were hereditary, unfortunately) but also trust issues, problems with relationships, like friendships and dating. It causes PTSD. I still turn into Satan when someone slams a cabinet or a door. And If someone starts yelling I lose my shit. 

For The sake of your children and their mental health, GET OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP !!!! I don’t care how much you “Love” them. I’ve been in an abusive relationship before. If someone really, truly loved you, they would NEVER EVER EVER treat you with such disrespect or hurt you physically or emotionally. It is NOT LOVE!!!! It’s called DEPENDENCY.