I’m seriously SO OVER social media. 

Facebook is at the top of sites I can no longer stand. However, facebook is the only way my family from out of state sees my twins. 😠😤 I deleted the app so I only use the web to go on and check my notifications.

I just want to “fall off the grid” one day. Instagram is just stupid. It was a good idea, to share beautiful photos from around the world. But seeing photos of food and nonsense everyday is ruining it. It’s safe to say I got rid of the Instagram app.

Twitter is okay because I can rant and post about whatever I want and NO ONE says anything! It’s kinda great, actually. 

I am loving WordPress, though. 😝 I wasn’t digging Tumblr anymore like I used to and wanted something different. So far I really like it here. It’s not complicated. 

Sorry, I know this is a random post but I just had to get it off my chest. That’s what these blogs are for, right?