If you read my About Me post you’ll see that I was adopted at birth. My last name is Stadnyk, but my biological name would have been Alvarenga. I originally thought, since most of my biological father’s side of the family lived in El Salvador, that we were Salvadoran. I was wrong.

Not too long ago I found out my biological grandfather is Portuguese, and my biological grandmother is Barcelonian

Here is some information that I copy and pasted from the website HouseofNames.com

​The mountainous borders of Spain contain the origins of the prestigious surname Alvarenga. The earliest forms of hereditary surnames in Spain were the patronymic surnames, which are derived from the father’s given name, and metronymic surnames, which are derived from the mother’s given name. Spanish patronymic names emerged as early as the mid-9th century and the most common patronymic suffix is ez. The patronyms were derived from a variety of given names that were of many different origins. Some names are derived from the saints of the Christian Church, but many Spanish surnames are derived from personal names of Germanic origin. The Visigoths, who ruled Spain between the mid-5th and early 8th centuries had a profound impact on the development of surnames. The name Alvarenga is derived from the baptismal name Alvaro. The surname originally referred to one who was faithful and honest.  

I LOVE learning about my background and where my family is from. 

My biological mother was also adopted, so she doesn’t know much about her background, except that she’s part Irish and Native American. So I am literally a Mutt. LOL.