I was 25 years old when I found out I was pregnant in November 2014. I was excited yet terrified. I was single, so I would be doing this as a single parent. Which I was okay with. I have a huge support system. I got lucky.

I went to the Emergency Room in January 2015 because I was having Charlie Horse-like cramps in my lower abdomen. It had me worried, so I wanted to make sure the baby was okay. They performed an Ultrasound that took 45 minutes, so I knew something was up. The tech who was performing the Ultrasound couldn’t tell me anything. I had to wait for the Doctor to look at the pictures and HE had to tell me whatever news there may be.

I was escorted back to my room where I waited with a friend of mine. I will never forget seeing the Doctor come back into view and see him mouth the words “You’re pregnant with twins.” I saw the words before I heard them. I know, strange. It happened kind of in slow motion, and everything in my peripherals was blurry. I felt my face turn beat red and heat up. Almost like your stereotypical “head steaming” cartoon, except I wasn’t mad. I was so HAPPY and ECSTATIC! I was around 14 weeks at this point, so they couldn’t tell the genders, but they did know that they were Fraternal Twins. Their due date was July 15, 2015. (July 15 is also my sister’s birthday, so imagine her excitement!)

As you can imagine, I was telling the entire world I was having twins at this point. Only a few people knew before, but after finding out this awesome news, I just had to share it with the world! 🌎

I was 18 weeks along when I found out I was having 2 girls! Two beautiful, healthy, fraternal twin girls. Everything was looking good at this point and the following weeks. They were both growing strong and steady. 

When I was 24 weeks and 5 days along, I went to use the restroom that morning after waking up and something unusual happened. I was sitting down and something “fell out of me”. It was a liquid, I knew that much. I called my OBGYN right away and explained to the Nurse what just happened. She told me to go to the Hospital where I had planned to give birth, which was Tradition Medical Center, and she would contact them to let them know I was on my way. This is the day that began the journey of my Warrior Princesses.

Upon arrival at the Hospital, I was put in a room so some testing could be done. They ordered an Ultrasound and a test to test the fluid that was still leaking out of me. It was confirmed that it was Amniotic Fluid. The ultrasound confirmed that Baby A’s amniotic sac had ruptured. They immediately hooked me up to an IV and started me on fluids (to replenish the amniotic fluid) and antibiotics (to prevent baby from getting an infection). Their plan was to keep Baby A from trying to “come out”. 

They then transferred me to St. Mary’s Medical Center because they have a Level III NICU, and if the twins were to be born premature, they would need a Level III NICU for their gestational age. I was on strict bed rest (I could only get up to take showers and use the restroom) and hooked up to a contraction monitor. They kept the fluids and antibiotics going. The twins managed to stay in for 5 more days. 

On April 4, 2015, I went into labor. It started out feeling like period cramps for a couple of hours. I assumed I was very sore from being bed ridden. Then it kept getting worse. The nurses and CNA’s tried giving me Magnesium to try to stop the labor. It helped a little bit, but once it would run out the pain would get worse again. I wasn’t dilated or effaced at this point. After about 2 hours of this, the pain escalated real quick, and I was clenching the bed post while they scrambled to get my OB to the hospital and get me into an operating room to perform an emergency c-section. I was now 4 inches dilated and 80% effaced.

The memories I have during my c-section are choppy, unfortunately. I was in shock throughout most of it. I was terrified for my babies. My mom, thankfully, was by my side through the whole thing. Baby A, who I named Raven, weighed 1lb 6oz and Baby B, who I named Aurora, weighed 1lb 7oz. They were born at 9:32pm. I remember begging for them to cry or even make a little noise so I knew they were okay. I did hear Aurora cry, but I didn’t hear Raven. They were put in Incubators and brought by me so I could sneak a quick peek, then they were taken straight to the NICU.

    I will continue this story on another blog post! Thank you for reading our story. Hope you enjoy and come back! 😊💜