Once the twins were in the NICU, they were hooked up to all sorts of machines and IV’s. I remember getting my first real good look of them and thinking how these tiny little angels just came out of my body. I was able to take a picture of each one, even though it wasn’t your typical, traditional “first picture with baby” photo. 

Raven, left. Aurora, right.

This picture of them takes my breath away every time. Knowing they were that small and fragile…

I was then taken to my room (after spending an hour in recovery) and I felt sort of empty. I didn’t have my babies in my arms, or even in my room. They were in boxes hooked up to a machine that was breathing for them. Then I realized how selfish that was of me. They were less than 200 ft. Away and fighting for their lives! At least they were alive! You know how lucky we are to have gotten this far?

I spent as much time in the NICU as my pain would allow me to sit in a wheelchair. When I wasn’t there I was looking at their pictures.

When they were 3 days old, I was released from the Hospital and was able to go straight to the NICU. We had the girls baptized that day. It was a really beautiful day.

Aurora had to have a PDA Ligation at just barely 3 weeks old, which means a duct in her heart had to be surgically closed before it caused any heart damage. Before the surgery, she had already been intubated about 3 times. After the surgery, she was intubated another 2-3 times. As a result, her vocal chords are damaged/paralyzed.

I spent the next 3 months sitting there next to them and just talking about whatever, reading to them, I even enjoyed the chances I got to change their diapers! Any opportunity I had to be their Mom, I took it! I loved taking their temperatures because I could hug them with my hand. 💜 Once the bottle feeding journey began, I was so ecatatic! I would plan my visits so I could be there for their feedings. 🍼🍼

They had several visitors throughout their stay. They became very popular babies pretty quickly! My mom came with me almost everyday. And on the days where I felt ill and couldn’t go, she would go for me. Family visited from nearby and some even came from Ohio! Everyone would be in awe from how little the girls were. One of my favorite reactions was when I would show people the tiny little preemie diaper I carried everywhere with me. LOL.

Raven came home first, just 9 days before Aurora. She had just hit 5.5 lbs. Aurora was just over 5 lbs when she came home. She was also on the oxygen machine until 2 days before she came home (I was sure she would come home on an oxygen monitor). They had some hiccups on their journey, but they came out stronger than ever! 💪

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

**Thank You again for reading our story! I hope you continue to check back for more postings in the future.**