So, they say to pick a special topic that you want to blog about. I guess some people blog about their dogs or how to make anything you want by hand. I’m going to blog about events that changed my life. Forever. (I have two!) 

Nothing against the people who blog about their animals and such things. I just feel like I want my blog to be more personal, and to help other people who have been in my situation(s) understand that they aren’t alone, and they have a place to reach out for help if they need it.

The one I’m going to start off with is about my twin girls. It was the first huge life changing event that pretty much restarted my life and gave it meaning. I call them my “Warrior Princesses”.

Then I’ll follow with the story of my brother. Won’t say much about it here, but there will be triggers referring to addiction and overdose. Just so everyone has a heads up. 👌👍

If you’re still reading, Thank You!!! I will try my best not to let you down! 

I won’t lie, it may take time between postings. 

Stay tuned for the story of my Warriors!👑👑👣👣